In accordance with the "Bankruptcy Ordinance", when a creditor files a petition for bankruptcy against an individual debtor, a company or the associate of a company as well as a debtor who is insolvent applies for bankruptcy for the debt(s) owed, the Official Receiver shall undertake to deal with these cases. We can go through the records of the Official Receiver's Office to find out whether the target person is in the list of bankruptcy.

  • All creditor's material and the related monthly statement including the credit card list, the financial company list, donate list and so on incomes to prove that like the employment contract, the payroll and so on have the property material like automobile
  • the building (longevity agreement or decentralization have), bank books, jewelry, etc.
  • MPF information sheet
  • In the past 2 years tax
  • Insurance and monthly statements

    the monthly statement presently occupy the property to rent list and water and electricity coal list and expenditure documentary evidence and so on


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