Conveyancing & Tenancy  

Transaction of residential buildings, commercial buildings and shops, Mortgage, Project development and financing; Home Purchase Loan Scheme, leasing, property development, land resumption.

Sale and Purchase transaction

  • Advising on Sale and Purchase of agricultural land or village house
  • Advising on Sale and Purchase of carpark space or unit in a development;
  • Attending execution of Sale and Purchase Agreement, Assignment, Mortgage & Guarantee;
  • Preparing Release or Discharge of mortgage.

Surrender, regrant and development

  • Advising on development of property;
  • Advising on surrender of agricultural land to the government for re-grant;
  • Negotiating the terms of land grant with the government departments for variation of the terms;
  • Advising on financing;
  • Preparing Deed of Surrender, Deed of Exchange and Deed of Grant of Right of Way;
  • Preparing Deed of Rectification of Plan, Deed of Partition and Deed Poll;
  • Preparing Deed of Mutual Covenant;
  • Opposing to re-zoning;
  • Submiting planning applications to the government;
  • Appealing against the decisions of the Town Planning Board.

Tso Tong's properties

  • Advising on Tso Tong's lands' disposition and acquisition.
  • Handling Sale and Purchase of Tso Tong's properties.

Land Resumption

  • Dealing with government for land resumption compensation claim.


  • Preparing and negotiating the terms of lease and sub-tenancy
  • Renewal of tenancy
  • Applying for mortgagee's consent of tenancy 
  • Advising on early temination of tenancy
  • Assignment of tenancy
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